My name is Mathew Arnold.

I'm a ceramic artist ...of sorts. The place I've lived for most years is Cincinnati, Ohio in those states that are united ...still there at this very moment, give or take some occasional travel.

I have an education which includes a higher one. It isn't in art ...but it's still relevant to my art ...sometimes. I've given myself permission not to take this world too seriosuly, but I hope it's apparent that I take my work very seriously ...most of the time. 

My work usually has meaning, but it's unlikely I'll tell you what it is, or if I do there's a chance it isn't true ...not sure if honesty about dishonesty is still honesty?

It isn't string, it's tape. I didn't invent the process of using tape on ceramics, but for some reason some think I did. It's probably been around since the invention of tape. That said, I hope I'm adding something to the process that will help others realize their own vision.

I'm not sure if this is a proper artist statement, but I am sure that I don't care ...about the semantics ...I do care that you're reading this and I thank you for your time. I hope you find something that makes you happy today, I know I have.

- Mat