Raku Vase, Circles (10 in / 26 cm tall)
Raku Vase, Circles (10 in / 26 cm tall)
Mathew Arnold

Raku Vase, Circles (10 in / 26 cm tall)

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Raku Vase with Orange and Blue Circle Pattern*.  

10 in (26 cm) tall

This piece was thrown by me on a pottery wheel with stoneware clay and then trimmed to the final form.  After the initial bisque firing, I applied a tape pattern and glazed by hand over many hours. The piece was then fired outside in a gas Raku kiln.  Once red hot, the piece is placed into a metal reduction chamber full of hardwood sawdust that becomes engulfed in fire.  The lid is placed over the chamber to create a reduction environment, which pulls the carbon from the fire deep into the cracks created by the glaze.  Once cool, the piece is carefully cleaned ready for its next adventure.

*Please note that this is a "low fire" ceramic process,. The surface is still porous, so it is not considered water-tight or food safe.  This piece should only be cleaned with a dry, soft cloth. Please feel free to ask any questions about care and cleaning.

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