Obvara Vase (9 in / 22.5 cm tall) #4
Obvara Vase (9 in / 22.5 cm tall) #4
Obvara Vase (9 in / 22.5 cm tall) #4
Mathew Arnold

Obvara Vase (9 in / 22.5 cm tall) #4

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Handmade Obvara Vase*.  

9 x 7 in (tall x cheswide)
(22.5 x 17.5 cm)

The piece was thrown by me on a pottery wheel and then trimmed to refine the final form.  It is fired outside in a Raku kiln until red-hot, when it's then dipped into the "obvara juice" to produce the pattern you see now.  

Obvara is a very old form of pottery with roots in eastern Europe.  It is not a well known process, but it produces beautifully unique, one-of-a-kind patterns on the surface of the vessel.  It starts with a mixture of water, flour, sugar and yeast. The mixture is fermented for at least three days (it smells as wonderful as you would imagine!). Right before the piece is dipped, there is someone on standby stirring the mixture. There are many methods of dipping, but the key is to quench the piece in water the moment you see the pattern you desire burned into the surface.  

*Please note that this is a "low fire" ceramic process,. The surface is still porous, so it is not considered water-tight or food safe.  This piece should only be cleaned with a dry, soft cloth. Please feel free to ask any questions about care and cleaning.

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