Textured Planter -  5.5 inches tall (14 cm)
Textured Planter -  5.5 inches tall (14 cm)
Mathew Arnold

Textured Planter - 5.5 inches tall (14 cm)

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Textured Planter

5.5 x 5.5 inches (tall x wide)
14 x 14 cm (tall x wide)

This piece was thrown by me on a pottery wheel.  After throwing the basic shape I add texture to the surface with a plastic rib. Then a thin layer of sodium silicate is applied to the surface and dried with a propane torch ...next I place my had inside the piece and (carefully) stretch the piece from the inside to create the final shape. After drying and the initial bisque firing, the piece is glazed by hand and then placed in the final firing to over 2,000 degrees F (1,090 C).  

This piece comes with the drip plate shown and there is a drainage hole in the bottom of the planter.

*There is a small blemish on the bottom from a glaze drip that has been sanded, but is not visible when in use.

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